Types of Water Damage



Floods caused by natural disasters are the worst type of water damage you can deal with and the most expensive. The good news is that most of us won't have to deal with this type of disasters in our life time. 


Broken and Deteriorated Plumbing

The most common type of water damage occurs from broken or deteriorated plumbing. Plumbing systems usually run through walls and ceilings and have multiple connections which are sealed. Some plumbing types such as galvanized can deteriorate much quicker then say copper plumbing. Deteriorated pipes can become weak and burst. This can cause much damage specially if its a pipe running through a ceiling. Another way pipes can leak and burst is from high water pressure inside the residence. High water pressure can quickly deteriorate seals. Water pressure should be lower then 85psi in most of L.A and surrounding counties.(Different cities and counties can have slight higher water pressure specially if its a city high in the hills or mountains. Make sure you check with your city to make sure.) Make sure you check your water pressure with a water pressure gauge at lease once a year.



Water damage caused by wastewater can cause a series of different problems. This water is full of bacteria and could cause a range of health issues if it comes in contact with any cuts or open wounds.. This type of water damage should definitely be taken care off by professionals! We are the most reliable water damage restoration in Los Angeles.


Balconies and Decks

Deteriorated waterproofing

Balconies and decks  are susceptible to water damage due to deteriorated waterproofing, seals, tiles  flashings etc. Most balconies and decks are decadeds old and usually have normal wear and tear. Waterproofing methods years ago are not as efficient as today's waterproofing methods. So it's not uncommon to experience water damage due to leaking balconies and decks. 

We provide state-of-the-art waterproofing, using Tufflex waterproofing system together with proper flashing and drainage. 

We repair all aspects of balconies including tile, stucco, drains, weeps creeds, dry rot, termite damage, grading, and waterproofing. Call now for a free estimate.

Slab and Basement leaks


Subterranean Water Damage

Subterranean living space, basements and slabs are susceptible to water damage caused by hydrostatic pressure. “Hydrostatic Pressure” refers to water pressure and it’s a major cause of basement water problems. Water weighs slightly more than 60lbs. per cubic foot. Sixty pounds per cubic foot translates to tremendous pressure on your foundation If the soil around your basement is saturated with water, there could be tens of thousands of pounds of hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. With this much pressure, even the smallest crack or gap can admit plenty of water into your basement and damage all building materials within an the area. This can go undetected and create a perfect environment for mold growth which only takes 24-48 hours to grow.


Even a well-constructed basement foundation can’t provide a perfect barrier against hydrostatic pressure. A good drainage system like a french drain could definitely relief the water pressure, but sometimes due to the conditions of the basement walls waterproofing methods are needed. We offer our clients a permanent solution to stop  basements and slabs leaks. We use techniques that have been proven to not only work, but work the BEST.  Give us a call for a free estimate!

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