We repair old and damaged balconies decks and patios. A leaking balcony can lead to water damage and mold inside your home. We use Tufflex waterproofing membrane to seal all exterior patios, decks and balconies.



Bathrooms are one of the most common areas to find water damage and mold. It is not uncommon to have a bathroom not properly waterproofed. Deteriorated caulkings and grout could allow for moisture to penetrate underneath over the years and cause further damage and musty odors. All-American Mold Remediation and Consulting, LLC. takes care of all your waterproofing issues. 


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We offer tile repair and installation, interior and exterior painting, stucco repairs, insulation removal, balcony repairs, patios, bathroom upgrades and repairs, weatherproofing, window weatherproofing, slab leak repairs, drywall installation, eaves and facia trim repairs.

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